About Us

Who We Are

Harrison Electrical Construction, Inc.
(HEC) was incorporated in June 2002. Our management team at HEC each have over 35 years of electrical/instrumentation construction experience. What we can bring to the table that other electrical/instrumentation contractors cannot is a fully “turn-key” operation. We do not have to wait and hire employees, gain more experience or rent/order equipment. Everything is readily accessible for the job no matter how small or large!

HEC is a company of continuous growth that reflects the energy and commitment of the HEC employees. We have earned the confidence of our customers, vendors and the financial community. The safe operation and quality of workmanship achieved by our team has earned HEC the respect of the industrial and commercial customers we serve. We will assist the Owner, Architect, Engineer and General Contractor in the design and construction methods that will save time and money for all concerned without sacrificing safety or quality.

What We Do

HEC is a company that implements and enforces general and specific safety standards, and policies. Emphasis is placed on incorporating safety from the project planning stage to the project end of each job. Our safety culture is second to none! Our Effectiveness Modification Rate (EMR) is .83. We are committed to a drug free workplace and we have a comprehensive alcohol and drug policy that encompasses pre-employment, random, and post-accident testing.

HEC has demonstrated the ability to complete projects within the time and budget constraints of the Client. As our references will indicate, no matter how small or large, safety and quality are a trademark of who we are.